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Venues Green

Our Green Events Program

VENUES’ Green Approach for Conferences and Corporate Meetings

Whether you are planning a full conference, an evening or other entertainment event, we can help you develop an environmentally friendly project which you can be proud of. Contact us directly for the solution which is right for your group. Some of the approaches we take are :

Carbon Reduced

  • Reduce waste through the procurement process
  • Provide recycling bins at all venues
  • Reduce all non-essential energy use in regards to planning the event
  • Develop alternatives for hardcopy prints, handouts
  • Produce signs & banners from agro-materials
  • Use bio-based inks, VOC-free paints for visual props, etc
  • Donate or keep signs and banners for later re-use
  • Utilize local acts and artists to reduce travel miles
  • Produce promotional materials locally, sourcing those which employ sustainable methods in their production
  • Use mass transit, and/or hybrid vehicles if possible, for all event-related travel requirements
  • Create incentives for car-pooling when participants sightsee in the area
  • Recruit local people if additional human resources are required
  • Use video and teleconferencing when possible

Carbon Neutral

  • Incorporate all of the Carbon Reduced approaches
  • Concentrate on HOW participants get to and from your event. First, reduce the overall consumption by:
    • Encouraging car-pooling for those in nearby locations
    • Encouraging the use of hybrids if cars used
    • Encouraging the use of trains & buses rather than planes if reasonable
    • Giving rewards to those who use the above
  • Calculate the remaining CO2 equivalents and utilize off-sets. VENUES will work with you to choose the most appropriate off set for your company’s brand, from planting trees to funding wind and solar power, in the third world or here in North America. BE CAREFUL. There are less than reputable offset solutions in the market place. VENUES will help to ensure that your choice is a valid one.